The purpose of the Transportation Master Plan is to identify ways to improve Menlo Park's transportation network and make it easier to get around. The Transportation Master Plan will also help staff and decision makers answer these important implementation questions:

  • What are we building?
  • In what order?
  • How will we fund it?

When completed, the Transportation Master Plan will:

  • Provide a detailed vision.
  • Set goals and performance metrics for network performance.
  • Outline a strategy for implementing local improvements.
  • Identify local contributions for regional improvements.

The goals of the TMP were adopted in March 2019 and are consistent with the City’s Circulation Element and the Climate Action Plan. The four goals are:

shield iconSafety

Vision Zero – Eliminate fatalities on the City’s transportation system and reduce the number of non-fatal collisions by 50% by 2040.

 leaf iconSustainability

Enable the City to meet the goals of the Climate Action Plan, including a 27% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

checkmark iconMobility Choice

Design transportation projects to accommodate all modes and people of all abilities. Encourage the use of lower emission modes such as walking, biking and transit.

traffic signal iconCongestion Management

Manage traffic congestion to reduce travel time on City streets and minimize cut-through traffic on neighborhood streets, including the encouragement of the use of lower emission modes such as walking, biking, and transit, and prioritizing the safety of children, seniors, and the public.