How we evaluated and prioritized projects

After identifying nearly 200 potential strategies for improving transportation in Menlo Park, we carefully evaluated and narrowed down the list of proposed projects to 150. With the four goals of the TMP in mind (safety, sustainability, mobility choice, and congestion management) the projects were grouped, evaluated, and prioritized for future implementation.

What are we building?

We started with 190+ recommended projects.

infographic showing 200 squares being subdivided into 4 groups of 50

We sorted these into different categories based on scale and complexity.

In what order?

Local projects

We prioritized these according to their ability to meet community goals. The highest prioritized projects were prioritized as Tier 1 and all other projects were prioritized as Tier 2.

next two groups of subdivided boxes of 50, blue and green

Straightforward projects

We did not prioritize these. They will be built through an annual program in the City’s operating budget in coordination with the Safe Routes to School and Paving programs.

last group of 50, in red

Regional projects

We did not prioritze these. They will be built in coordination with other agencies.

first subdivided group of 50 squares in yellow

How will we fund it?

These projects will become part of the Capital Improvement Program (CIP). A variety of funding sources go to support the CIP:

illustrated stack of 2 gold coins

Local funds

illustrated stack of 4 gold coins


illustrated stack of 6 gold coins


Tier 1 projects get funding priority.

next two groups of subdivided boxes of 50, blue and green, tier 1 and 2

The CIP coordinates the planning, design, and construction of the city's capital improvement and major maintenance projects. The CIP budget includes funding for all projects in the CIP, including streets, sidewalks and transportation projects.

pie chart

61% - Other CIP projects
24% - Streets and sidewalks
15% - Transportation 

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Implementation Plan

Funding and priorities are matched. Available funding is allocated to projects according to priority and opportunity. If additional funding needs are identified, the City may pursue additional sources. Council would adopt the funding plan and priorities annually through the City's budget and capital improvement program.

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