TMP Process

Developing the TMP is a multi-stage process that has been ongoing since 2017. Steps for developing the TMP include:

Understand existing information (2017-2018)

  • Summarized transportation data from past studies
  • Gathered input from community on priorities, vision and goals (see results below)
  • Provided updates to and received input from the OOC, Complete Streets Commission, and City Council

Identify initial strategies and recommendations (2018-2019)

  • Evaluated strategies using metrics
  • Applied criteria to compare and prioritize strategies
  • Provided updates to and received input from the OOC, Complete Streets Commission, and City Council
  • Share strategies with and gather input from the public

Evaluate and prioritize strategies (2019, in progress)

Draft TIF (2019, in progress)

  • Prepare draft TIF
  • Present to City Council in Fall 2019

Draft TMP (2019)

  • Prepare draft TMP based on input from public, OOC, City Council
  • Present to City Council in Fall 2019

Adopt TIF and TMP (late 2019-2020)

  • Finalize the TIF and TMP
  • City Council adopts the TIF in late 2019
  • Present final documents to City Council in early 2020
  • City Council adopts the TMP in 2020

What were the results of the 2017 public outreach?

In Summer and Fall 2017, we attended community events and hosted a series of walk-shops and an online open house for residents, business owners, and workers to reflect and comment on the state of transportation in Menlo Park and help inform the TMP development.

From these various opportunities for feedback and engagement, some of the top priorities from the community that were identified include:

  • Safer bike and pedestrian crossings
  • Reducing delays and travel time
  • Safe and convenient bicycle connectivity
  • Minimizing cut-through traffic on residential streets

Lesser priorities were related to regional and local transit service.

What is the purpose of this round of outreach?

Over the past 18 months, we’ve worked with the Oversight and Outreach Committee (OOC), Complete Streets Commission, and City Council to identify a draft list of more than 150 projects. Your feedback is invaluable to helping us prioritize them for implementation. Once we gather this feedback, we’ll prepare a draft TMP for public review and adoption by the City Council in 2020.

people chatting as they wait for the train
We're working to improve the Menlo Park transportation network and provide better connectivity to transit hubs and stations.

man biking on a separated two way protected bike lane
Separated bike lanes make for a safe and enjoyable riding expereience across the City.